1v1 Battle

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Experience the adrenaline-pumping action of 1v1 Battle, a dynamic multiplayer build-and-fight 3rd person shooter, offering intense 1-on-1 matches. Test your skills in thrilling 1v1 PvP games, where you'll need to master both building and battling to emerge victorious against real-time opponents. Are you ready to become a true master of combat and construction?


  • Quick Matchmaking: Say goodbye to lengthy setup times. Jump straight into the action by finding a 1v1 multiplayer PVP match against real players within seconds. Simply hit play and immerse yourself in an instant game.

  • Unique Training Modes: Enhance your battle skills with diverse weapons, including shotguns and sniper rifles, in the shooting simulator. Master the art of trickshots to outmaneuver opponents. If you're new to building, practice your skills without the pressure of enemy fire in the build training mode.

  • Exciting Gameplay: 1v1 Battle delivers a competitive, free-to-play shooter experience with third-person perspective and intuitive controls. Immerse yourself in AAA quality graphics and captivating gameplay, where wit, accuracy, and raw skill will be your key to victory.

  • Progress and Dominate: Each successful build fight you win will improve your build fight shooting skills and elevate your position on the leaderboard. Aim to become the greatest multiplayer PVP player of all time!

Release Date:

  • November 2020 (Android)

  • January 2021 (iOS)

  • May 2021 (WebGL)




  • Web browser

  • Android

  • iOS

Last Updated: Aug 28, 2022

WASD = walk / run
Space = jump
Left ctrl = crouch
E = use
Left-click = shoot / build
Right-click = aim
R = reload
Z / X / C / V= switch the ramps



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