Bartender The Right Mix

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Are you ready to embark on a thrilling bartending adventure? Join the bartender in crafting the ideal drinks for Miguel by mastering the art of mixing. With a wide selection of beverages on your shelf, including Vodka, Whiskey, Vermouth, Triple-Sec, Gin, and more, you hold the power to create the ultimate concoction for an unforgettable night out.

Customize your cocktails by choosing your preferred spirits, whether it's the smooth Kahula, aromatic Vermouth, or the bold Tequila. Complement your creation with a variety of juices, such as zesty orange, tangy lemon, or refreshing cranberry. Want to add a touch of coolness? Throw in some ice. Craving a hint of sourness? A squeeze of lemon will do the trick.

But beware, mixing the wrong amounts or selecting incompatible ingredients can lead to disastrous outcomes! No bartending school is needed for this exciting challenge.

Shake up your drink, and present your masterpiece to Miguel. Will he savor your cocktail or face unexpected consequences? Can you achieve the perfect mix and serve up the drink of his dreams? Find out in Bartender: The Right Mix Game!

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