Burnout Drift

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Experience the thrill of drifting in Burnout Drift, an exciting game that puts you behind the wheel of custom cars on various tracks. Earn money by showcasing your exceptional drifting skills on the streets. Customize your vehicle and upgrade to epic new motors with your hard-earned cash.

How to Play:

Discover the perfect car for your drifting adventures.
As you perform impressive drifts, you'll earn money to purchase new cars. Start with the Ford Mustang and unlock drifting classics like the Nissan 350z, as well as powerful pick-ups and supercars like the Bugatti Veyron.

Put your wheels to the test on thrilling tracks.

Burnout Drift offers three exhilarating tracks to showcase your skills:

  • Rocky Pass: A challenging mountain track with tight turns and sweeping corners, providing an excellent balance for your drifting abilities.

  • Ridge: An expansive city road, offering the ultimate drifting experience once you become comfortable with its layout.

  • Winter Pass: A more challenging track featuring snowy terrain that slows you down and adds an extra element of sliding.


  • Ridge is the easiest track for drifting and earning money.

  • Sustaining a drift for a longer duration earns you more points.

  • Avoid crashing to preserve your drift points.

  • Each car has unique characteristics, so choose wisely.


  • Earn money by demonstrating your drifting prowess.

  • Fine-tune your vehicle's tuning to achieve the perfect balance.

  • Choose from a wide selection of supercars, streetcars, and trucks.

  • Personalize your vehicle with new wheels and vibrant colors.


Burnout Drift is developed by BoneCracker Games, led by Burga Ozdoganlar, utilizing Unity and exported to WebGL (using OpenGL 3.0!).


Play this game on any modern non-mobile browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. Additionally, it is available as an Android and iOS app for on-the-go drifting excitement.

Release Date:

April 2017.

W or up = gas
S or down arrow = brake
AD or left/right arrow = Steer
Left shift/left ctrl = gear up/down
Space bar = handbrake
F = use NOS
G = enter slowmotion
I = start/stop engine
L = use low beam headlights
K = use high beam headlights
C = change camera



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