Dinosaurs Merge Master

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Dive into the world of Dinosaurs Merge Master, a captivating game where dinosaurs and warriors merge to build an army. Experience the thrill of the battlefield in this casual strategy game. Released in October 2022, Dinosaurs Merge Master is a casual game that transports players back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Developed by SUN.STUDIO, this game combines elements of strategy, merging, and battle royale, offering a unique gaming experience.


In Dinosaurs Merge Master, players merge dinosaurs and warriors to build a formidable army. The game begins with placing your dinosaurs and human warriors on the battlefield. As the game progresses, players earn gold coins from battles, which can be used to buy more units.

Merging Mechanics

The merging mechanics in Dinosaurs Merge Master are simple yet engaging. Players can merge similar characters to create powerful new ones with increased attacking power and health. The goal is to keep merging until all your power is concentrated into one super unit. However, the cost of a new piece increases with every purchase, making merging more challenging over time.

Unlocking New Dinosaurs

Every time players merge two new dinosaurs together, they unlock a stronger dinosaur. The same goes for the human warriors! This feature adds an element of excitement and anticipation to the game, as players look forward to discovering new dinosaurs and warriors.

Strategic Battles

Once the characters are merged, it's time to test your might on the battlefield. The game requires strategic skills to battle against an AI enemy and claim victory. As players progress through the game, they can buy new upgrades to enhance their dinosaurs' abilities and increase their chances of winning.


Dinosaurs Merge Master offers a unique blend of casual gameplay and strategic thinking. Its engaging merging mechanics, coupled with the thrill of unlocking new dinosaurs and warriors, make it a must-play game for all strategy game enthusiasts.

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