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EvoWars.io is a captivating multiplayer action game that transports you into a top-down online battle arena. The game is all about evolution, growth, and survival.


In EvoWars.io, you start your journey as a simple caveman armed with just a stone weapon. Your mission is to collect orbs and battle other players to evolve your warrior. With each level up, your character grows stronger, your weapons improve, and your skills enhance. However, each evolution also slows your movement while improving your weapon range.

The game is not just about how big your opponent is, but it's also about how swiftly you can attack them with your weapon. The bigger the opponent, the larger their attack area, so you need to be cautious when approaching them. If you find yourself too close to a formidable player, you can use the speed boost to dash out of the place. But remember, using this skill deducts your current experience points, so use it wisely!

Levels and Evolutions

There are 25 levels and evolutions to unlock in EvoWars.io. You can level up by collecting energy spheres or by defeating another player. The game continues until you're struck down by an enemy. The question is, how many will you slay before you fall?


EvoWars.io offers intense slashing gameplay to eliminate opponents. It allows you to define your play style and make the most of every opportunity. So, are you ready to fight, kill, and evolve? Join the battle in EvoWars.io today!

Move = Move with Mouse.
Hit = Left Click.
Sprint = Right Click .


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