Extreme Pamplona

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Extreme Pamplona is a game that takes you on a thrilling journey across different countries, each with its unique challenges and fun-filled adventures. This game is not just about running; it's about strategy, quick thinking, and agility.

The Gameplay

Extreme Pamplona is a side-scrolling platformer game where the player must run, jump, and dodge obstacles to escape from various pursuers. The game features multiple levels, each set in a different location and with a unique pursuer.

Why Extreme Pamplona Stands Out

What sets Extreme Pamplona apart is its engaging gameplay and the variety it offers. Each level brings a new challenge, keeping the players on their toes. The game's fast pace and the need for quick reflexes make it an exciting play.


Extreme Pamplona is a game that guarantees fun and excitement. Its unique concept, engaging gameplay, and the thrill of the chase make it a must-play for all game enthusiasts.

Movement = Arrow Key.



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