Friday Night Funkin' 2 Players

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Experience the Ultimate Friday Night Funkin' Fun with Friends - Friday Night Funkin' 2 Players!

Get ready for an exciting multiplayer version of Friday Night Funkin' that allows you to jam with several friends simultaneously. Or, if you prefer a solo challenge, test your skills in a tough musical duel all by yourself. Can you conquer this thrilling mod?

In Friday Night Funkin' 2 Players, you get to choose your character and even decide who your opponent will be. Select your preferred difficulty level from five crazy options, each designed to provide a real challenge. Challenge your friends, schoolmates, or even your rivals to epic duels and prove your dominance before someone else takes your spot at the top.

As you progress through the levels, brace yourself for increasing speed and difficulty. Don't let the adversity deter you; have a blast while mastering the game!

Developed by the talented team at PhantomArcade 3K, Evilsk8r, and Kawai Sprite, Friday Night Funkin' 2 Players promises an unforgettable musical gaming experience.

Player 1 Controls:
Arrow Keys.
Player 2 Controls:
WASD Keys.



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