Funny Battle Simulator

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Funny Battle Simulator is an action game that offers a unique blend of strategy and humor. Developed by GoGoMan, the game was released in November 2022 and has since gained popularity for its large-scale battles, unique units, and beautiful graphics.


In Funny Battle Simulator, players must use their strategic skills to set up their army. The game allows you to take command over infantry and archers, send Cyclops and Spartans into battle, and even control the great Zeus to throw lightning at enemies. The goal is to crush all enemies and show off your tactical skills.

The game features ragdoll physics of enemies, adding a layer of realism and fun to the battles. The graphics are beautifully designed, making the game visually appealing.


The game controls are simple and intuitive. You can create a unit with a left-click, delete a unit with a right-click plus CTRL, and move the camera with WASD. You can speed up the camera movement with Shift, rotate the camera with Q or E, and zoom in or out with the scroll mouse.


Funny Battle Simulator is a game that offers a unique and entertaining gaming experience. Its blend of strategy, action, and humor makes it a must-play for any gaming enthusiast.

Left Click.


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