Grimdark Survivors

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Grimdark Survivors is an adrenaline-pumping roguelite game where you have to survive an alien attack. Released in November 2023 by HITyara Games. The game offers a unique playing style with each hero, making every game feel fresh and exciting.


Players can choose their hero, arm themselves, and prepare to face the relentless darkness. The game offers a wide range of weapons to choose from, such as precision assault rifles to flamethrowers. Players are encouraged to experiment, strategize, and find the perfect weapon that suits their style to conquer the darkness.

But the challenge doesn't stop there. Players will not only face waves of enemies but also tough bosses that will test their bravery. The skills and equipment acquired throughout the game will be crucial to achieving victory.


Grimdark Survivors is available on various platforms including desktop, mobile, and tablet browsers, as well as on Steam.


For PC, players can use WASD or arrow keys to move and left-click to select a priority target. For mobile, a virtual controller is available for moving around and the screen can be touched to interact with the in-game UI.


With its adrenaline-pumping gameplay and unique playing style, Grimdark Survivors offers a fresh and exciting gaming experience for all players. Whether you're a fan of roguelite games or just looking for a new game to try, Grimdark Survivors is definitely worth checking out.

Movement = WASD.
Select Target = Left Click.
Show Inventory = Tab.


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