Internet and Gaming Cafe Simulator

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Immerse yourself in the exhilarating realm of overseeing an internet and gaming cafe, where every detail counts. Launch your enterprise modestly and witness it flourish into a thriving haven for tech enthusiasts. Amplify your establishment's allure with additional seating, cutting-edge computer systems, and upgraded equipment, as your success story unfolds.

Initiate by configuring your inaugural PC, elegantly tucked within the parcels that grace your doorstep. Meticulously arrange the hardware, ensuring seamless connectivity for the inaugural customer encounter.

Mastery of Administrative Prowess

Your administrative hub orchestrates the symphony of your cafe's operations, from network access to bill settlement. Prompt remittance of utility dues is paramount to sustain uninterrupted power supply. Timely customer engagement is equally vital, guarding against financial setbacks.

Elevate the Gaming Experience with Premium Gear

Elevate your cafe's potential earnings by investing in elite computing systems, consoles, and enthralling arcade contraptions. Enhance customer engagement by procuring the latest gaming titles from the virtual emporium, extending their stay within your digital realm.

Crafting the Ultimate Cafe Aesthetic

Exercise your creative genius by intricately designing your cafe's layout and ambience. From exquisite wallpapers to exquisite flooring options, from soaring ceilings to immersive decor elements, the canvas is yours to paint. As prosperity flows, broaden your horizons by expanding the cafe's footprint.

Uphold Pristine Conditions

Maintaining an impeccably clean, well-ventilated, and fragrant atmosphere is pivotal. The olfactory and thermal comfort of your patrons directly impacts footfall; suboptimal conditions may deter potential visitors.

Key Highlights:

  • Entrepreneurial venture into internet cafe management

  • Tailor and ornament your cafe environment

  • Acquire an array of premium PCs and gaming paraphernalia

  • Cultivate financial gains and foster business growth

Marking its inception in June 2022, Internet & Gaming Cafe Simulator is a brainchild of Atomicode, continually refining the player experience. The game's accessible via standard web browsers, ensuring convenience across platforms. Keeping in stride with its commitment to excellence, the latest update graced the virtual shelves on June 30, 2023.

Embark on this virtual odyssey where entrepreneurship meets gaming culture, and be the mastermind behind an iconic internet cafe empire.



WASD = move
E = interact with objects
Left-click = build / use object
Right-click = throw object
Space = exit from admin's computer

Build Mode

T = sell object
F = place object
Q = rotate object to the left
E = rotate object to the right



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