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Jacksmith is a crafting game where you forge weapons for soldiers and join them on the battlefield as they slay monsters. Build the perfect weapons to see the soldiers into battle and give them the greatest chance of success! The game was developed by Flipline Studios and released in 2012 as a Flash web browser game. In Jacksmith, you start by molding molten copper into swords and hammering them before finishing them with a handle fit for the hands of a warrior. After each day at the forge, your soldiers will walk into battle against various monsters and enemies, using the weapons you crafted. While they are in the throes of war, loot will fly out for you to claim. These items are usually gems to spend in the shop and precious metals to create with. Weapons with higher scores perform better in combat, resulting in more loot for you to use at your weapon creation station. As you progress through the game, you can unlock new weapons to build, such as bows, axes, swords, or cannons. You can also visit a hip ostrich named Ganders in his little shop of war to buy various upgrades for the metals you’re crafting using your gems. Jacksmith is a unique and exciting game that combines crafting and strategy elements to create an engaging gameplay experience. Give it a try today!

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