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Description: is an online 3D browser game where you take on the role of a pirate. It’s a multiplayer third-person shooter that stands out in the .io games category. The game is infused with a thrilling pirate theme, reminiscent of games like Sea of Thieves.

In, players compete to sink each other’s ships, race for loot, and strive to be successful pirates. The gameplay involves fierce naval battles where participants engage in outmaneuvering and sinking their rivals, all while amassing plunder to ascend as victorious pirates.

The game is both competitive and cooperative. Players battle each other for the top spot on the in-game leaderboard, but they also need to work together if they’re on the same ship. They have to cooperate to sink enemies and pilot their craft.

There are various controls and tools available to players, such as cannons, fishing rods, and spyglasses. Players can also upgrade their fire rate, distance, or damage. The main objective is to become #1 on the in-game leaderboard.

There are seven islands in the game where ships may dock to upgrade themselves, rope in additional crew, and allow for players to purchase items and goods.

Overall, offers a unique and exciting gaming experience for those who enjoy pirate-themed games and competitive multiplayer action.

Move = WASD Keys.
Interact = Left Click.
Jump = Space.
Switch Tools = 1,2,3,4 number keys.
Upgrade your stats = 5,7.


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