Paper Minecraft

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Paper Minecraft is a unique game that brings the legendary Minecraft experience into a 2D world. This fan-made game offers the classic survival and creative modes from the original Minecraft, but with a twist. Instead of the familiar 3D blocks, players are presented with a flat, two-dimensional world to explore and build in.

Gameplay Modes

The game features two main modes: Creative and Survival. In Creative mode, players have an unlimited supply of tools and building materials. This mode is perfect for those who want to build cool stuff and share their creations without having to worry about surviving. You can fly around the biomes exploring various terrains like woods, water, rock, and fields.

Survival mode, on the other hand, requires skill and ingenuity. Players start with nothing and must utilize the natural environment to protect themselves from monsters that roam the night. They can farm animals and crops for sustenance, mine resources to create weaponry, and build defenses to keep themselves safe.


Overall, Paper Minecraft offers a fresh take on the beloved Minecraft game. Its 2D graphics and simplified gameplay make it a great choice for both new and experienced players. Whether you’re a fan of the original Minecraft or just looking for a new game to try, Paper Minecraft is worth checking out.

WASD = Move , Jump or swim.
Left Click = Break or Place blocks.
E = Open inventory.
F = Eat the held item.
Space = Drop/Split item from stack.
P = Pause Game.
O = Save the Game.



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