Romance Academy

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2.5 (2 Reviews)
“Romance Academy” is a fun and interactive game primarily targeted towards girls. In the game, your character is a girl who has the mission to make boys fall in love with her. This is achieved by going through all the floors of the school, spotting the boys, and making them fall in love with you.

The game introduces an interesting mechanic where the girls have a laser beam that keeps the boys at their beck and call. Once you meet a boy, you click on his head to start the process of seduction. However, the game also introduces competition as other girls in the school can try to steal your conquests. If you see another girl trying to chat up the same guy as you, you have to click your mouse repeatedly to get the upper hand.

The goal is to fill up all the hearts to become the best seducer in school. But be careful, even the teachers can stop you. It’s a game of strategy, quick reactions, and of course, romance. The game is filled with fun and crazy moments that make it a unique experience for the players.

Movement = Move Mouse
Love Beam = Left Click


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