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Developed by ULTRAHORSE, SquadBlast is a multiplayer side-scrolling shooter that has captivated gamers worldwide with its unique blend of action-packed gameplay and strategic depth.

A New Era of Gaming

SquadBlast offers a fresh experience in the realm of multiplayer games. It combines the depth of a modern first-person shooter with the accessibility of a side-scrolling game, making it incredibly easy to pick up and play.

Immersive Gameplay

Set in the dystopian world of 2042, SquadBlast immerses players in deep class-based combat. Each hero brings unique abilities to the battlefield, requiring strategic mastery for victory. The game seamlessly blends the intensity of FPS gameplay with dynamic movement options, offering a refreshing take on the genre.

Regular Updates and New Content

One of the standout features of SquadBlast is its commitment to regular updates and new content. The game has seen numerous updates since its launch, each one bringing new features, improvements, and content to keep players engaged.


With its unique gameplay mechanics, immersive setting, and regular content updates, SquadBlast is a game that continues to push the boundaries of what a multiplayer side-scrolling shooter can be. It's a must-play for any gaming enthusiast.

Movement = A / D
Mouse = Aim / Shoot
Jump = Space
Dash = W
Slide = S
Crouch = C
Use Ability = E
Punch = X
Reload = R
Select Weapon = 1-3
Pick Up Weapon = F



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