Stick War

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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Stick War, a timeless strategy game featuring stick figures. Originally released in 2009 as a Flash game, this classic title can now be enjoyed directly in your web browser through Ruffle. Prepare for thrilling warfare as you embark on a dynamic campaign, leading your nation to bring peace to the continent through strategic battles and decisive actions!

How to Play Stick War

Begin your Stick War journey by clicking on the campaign mode. Follow the concise tutorial to learn how to create and control units. Each stick figure can be individually commanded as you strive to demolish the enemy's statue and advance to conquer the next nation.

Your Mission as the Leader

As the leader of the nation known as "Order," your quest is to establish peace and foster knowledge among your people. Rejecting the notion of worshipping weapons as gods, your ideology attracts unwanted attention from neighboring nations. To defend your ideals, you must take the initiative and launch pre-emptive strikes.

Unveil Your Story

In the realm of Inamorta, you find yourself surrounded by nations driven by technological advancement and a relentless pursuit of dominance. Each society has forged its own distinctive approach to warfare. Bound by zealous fervor, these nations have elevated weapons to the status of religious icons, with leaders claiming divine intervention. Prepare for the inevitable outcome: War.

Enjoy the Original Stick War Experience

Stick War remains true to its roots, allowing you to relish the original game that captivated audiences years ago. Conquer multiple nations, build a formidable army by choosing from four unique classes, and experience this renowned game known as "Stick War: Legacy" on mobile platforms.

Release Date and Developers

Stick War was first released in August 2009 and was developed by Jason Whitham and Brock White.


Stick War can be played directly in your web browser, providing convenient access to this timeless strategy game.

Move = Mouse or WASD / Arrow Keys.



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