Super Auto Pets

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Super Auto Pets is a captivating battle game that allows players to build a team of adorable pets with unique abilities. This game offers a chill, free-to-play auto battler experience where everything progresses at your own pace.


The game features an Arena mode, which is a chill asynchronous multiplayer without timers. The goal is to get 10 wins before losing all your hearts. There's also a Versus mode that offers an intense synchronous game with 8 players and quick decision making. The challenge here is to be the last team standing before another team knocks you out.

Pet Packs

Super Auto Pets offers different types of packs for players. Standard packs are for players who want to start playing quickly. These packs contain the pets that are available during gameplay. They are pre-built for everyone and offer a fair competition. Custom packs are for fans of deck building. All pets can be mixed and matched to create satisfying combos. More expansions offer even more possibilities. Weekly packs are for fans of variety. These packs are generated every Monday and contain a completely random set of pets for everyone to play with.


Super Auto Pets is a fun and strategic game that offers a unique gaming experience. With its variety of modes and pet packs, it caters to different types of players and their preferences. Whether you're a fan of quick games or prefer to take your time strategizing, Super Auto Pets has something for you.

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