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Embark on an exhilarating journey in Tall.io, a captivating and engaging game that challenges you to ascend as the tallest stickman in the arena!

Strategize as you gather bricks of your color to increase your height, all while skillfully navigating obstacles and outsmarting taller stickmen. Traverse through green gates and burst balloons to elevate your stature, but beware of the red gates that can diminish it – and don't miss the opportunity to double your height with the yellow gates! Crush trees, conquer arenas, and continuously evolve to dominate the competition.

Tall.io Tips:

  • Capitalize on green gates and balloons to boost your height.

  • Exercise caution around red gates that can reduce your height, and capitalize on yellow gates to double it.

  • Monitor the numerical indicator above your stickman's head – it represents your height.

  • Seize the chance to smash stickmen whose height falls short of yours.

  • Enhance your stickman's capabilities with strategic upgrades.

Release Date:

March 2023


Tall.io was crafted by the talented developer Aleksei Skachko.


Available on web browsers for both desktop and mobile devices. Immerse yourself in the ultimate stickman showdown wherever you go!

Left Click.


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