Vex 3

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“Vex 3” is a captivating platform game that keeps players on the edge of their seats. In this game, players take control of a stick figure character that can run, jump, and climb. The mission is to guide the character through a series of challenging levels filled with obstacles and traps.

The game is the third installment in the popular Vex platform game series and is designed with a complex maze of deadly devices and traps on every level, adding twists and turns to the gameplay. Players must avoid the hazardous spinning blades, spikes, and other traps to progress to the next act.

The game includes ten brand new areas and nine challenge modes to lose yourself in. It takes dexterous hands to beat this quick-paced 2D platformer game - tread carefully and only enter if you dare. When players fall victim to one of these fatal contraptions, they’ll be sent back to the nearest checkpoint. From there, they have to figure out how to overcome the obstacle causing difficulty.

In addition to the standard levels, there are also bonus levels and achievements for progress. Players can earn cool trophies for completing an act perfectly without dying, or dying too much. There are also Hardcore achievements which include hidden stars dotted around each level, as well as the additional nine challenge acts.

“Vex 3” is a game that tests your problem-solving skills, as well as your judgment and reflexes. It’s a challenging yet addictive gameplay with a range of puzzles to navigate through. It’s a game that will surely provide hours of entertainment and challenge for those who dare to take it on.

Move = WASD or Arrow Keys.


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