Whats Grandma Hiding

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Set forth on an intriguing journey into the unknown, as you receive an unexpected assignment from your grandmother to restore a mansion that has remained a hidden treasure within your family history.

Embark on a quest to uncover the secrets concealed within the estate's walls, diligently searching for clues strewn throughout its labyrinthine corridors. With each discovery, unravel the mystery shrouding your family's past, unlocking hidden truths that have long been obscured from view.

Harness the power of rewarded ads to earn valuable coins or expedite your progress in deciphering the cryptic messages scattered throughout the mansion. With your keen investigative skills and the aid of these tools, immerse yourself in this captivating item-searching adventure, determined to unveil the mansion's long-held secrets.

Discover the hidden secrets of a forgotten family mansion in What's Grandma Hiding, as you assist Marie in unraveling the mysteries hidden within its walls.



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